Are you guilty of using your phone before getting out of bed?

Ericsson ConsumerLab researchers recently did an 18 month survey to see how many users checked their phone before they got up and out of bed in the morning. The survey showed 35 percent of US Android and iPhone users do just that.

The 35 percent are using apps on their devices, such as Facebook. It is basically the apps that access the Internet that are proving popular. Head of research said:

“Our research found apps are appealing to people at an emotional level. Consumers become attached to a certain set of apps that makes them feel more in control of their lives, and turns everyday chores into positive experiences. Apps even give consumers a new sense of freedom; if a new situation arises, there’s probably an app out there that could help them.”

I read this report with interest. They could have quite easily been researching me. I’m guilty of checking my phone before getting up. It’s on my bedside table and actually it’s the last thing I do at night. So why not let it be the first thing I do, too. To be honest, I was surprised that the percentage wasn’t higher. That means there are people out there who don’t actually sleep next to their phone! Crikey!

We all use so many apps to help us do our daily tasks, planning where to go, who to do it with and see what everyone else is doing, so yes, we will depend on connecting to the Internet. Using your phone is the easiest way. Facebook seemed to be the most popular app that was used during the research, and I would not be surprised if Twitter was close behind. It is one of the first apps I use for my latest news fix.

Although we do sometimes use these apps like Facebook to just have a nosey at what our old friend are doing, many of us also use our phone to help us decide what we are going to do today. We can start our daily chores before even getting out of bed. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance of starting work whilst still in their PJs. How great!

We are all more dependant on our phones now, simply because we can access the Internet and do the things that not that long ago we could only do on a computer. All it needs is a tap of an app and you are connected, and I think that is why many of us use our phone before getting up. It’s just that easy.

What about you? Are you guilty of a little phone action before getting out of bed?

Article Via TUAW

I am an iPhone fanatic. I currently use an iPhone and I use it for just about everything! Love playing most games on it and have many, many photography apps.