Group screen sharing rolled out to Mac with Skype 5.2 update

Skype handed us Mac users a nice little surprise this morning with the release of Skype 5.2 for Mac. This release includes group screen sharing and some new ways to control your ongoing calls.

This release comes after Skype released 5.5 for Windows, which originally introduced some of these features, as well as some Facebook integration.

Sadly, the most groundbreaking feature, group screen sharing, is reserved only for premium members, which will net you at minimum $4.50USD per month.  You can always grab a free trial to whet your appetite, but be ready to pony up after 7 days should you find the feature irresistible.

With Microsoft scooping up the application, I’m hopeful that Apple takes the bait and expands iMessages and FaceTime into a more widely accepted standard, and that they will explore a richer feature set and bring it to more platforms. I think point to point video conferencing should be working a free model rather than one utilizing a recurring payment structure.

Source: TechCrunch
Via: TNW

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