GizMac: New iPod Cases.

    I don’t usually get all excited about new accessories for iPods, but I seem to be having the same conversation with every new generation Nano owner in my life. They keep asking me over and over again if I know a place where they can get a clear plastic case so they can show off the sexiness that is the new iPod nano. Until this point I couldn’t really give them an answer. My last iPod was a shuffle and I haven’t replaced it since it died a year ago. I just steal my wifes nano when I need it, and i’ve been holding out lately for an iPhone, which, according to sources, won’t be dropping in Canada any time soon. So, I did my usually rounds today and stumbled across this company called GizMac. Now, they have a ton of casing options for all your iPods. If you want a case, check them out…and stop asking me about clear cases!

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