Final Cut Studio to receive a makeover

AppleInsider is reporting that they have a source that says the Pro Apps team inside of Apple is being reorganized and refocused on the prosumer market. Interestingly, the original leader of the Final Cut Pro team is now in charge of the Pro Apps to help make them fall in line with the latest improvements to iMovie.

It makes sense for Apple financially. If their biggest user base is high-end consumer-level editors, they should focus on making the best application for that group. Apple’s design philosophy is nothing if not minimalistic. Polishing the UI, and paring down confusing settings and features is Apple’s modus operandi.

Also an interesting note, Apple is hiring interface designers for the Pro Apps department. Having fresh meat in the UI department could make for some fun and shiny updates.

Article Via AppleInsider
Photo Credit: Apple & hellochris

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