Do knot forget. Ford Germany takes a potshot at Apple’s Ear Bud.

Here’s a fun advert from Ford Germany, featuring Apple’s distinctive (although terrible) white earbuds, advertising the fact that Bluetooth® is now built into a whole bunch of their new models as they roll out of the factories.

From Ford’s website:

The Bluetooth® with Voice Control system allows you to operate your mobile, satellite navigation system, climate control and audio system using voice-activated commands – all wirelessly. It’s not only safer, leaving you free to keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel, but it also means you’re keeping within the law while still staying in touch.

The iPhone and iPod are amongst the devices which can use this feature, and they have the most recognizable headphones I guess, this could be why Apple’s were chosen. Either way, I think it’s a fun and clever advert.

Do knot forget: Bluetooth® comes with every new Ford model.

via adsoftheworld

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