Desktoday keeps your desktop clean and organized

If you use your desktop like a docking bay on a daily basis, keeping the files you’re currently working on accessible and organizing them once they’re done, you may want to check out Desktoday.

Desktoday lets users automate their desktop organization based on the date. By clicking on the icon in the menubar, you can clear your desktop with the click of a button. Desktoday will shunt your files into your previously defined location automatically. It’s a fine way to keep things organized on a day to day basis, should you be lacking daily organizational skills, like me.

One downside to the application is that it moves everything to a folder, instead of documents “modified” today. I’d prefer it to only grab documents from today, instead of everything on my desktop today. You can set up exceptions for folders and files that you want to keep on your desktop, so you do have some flexibility.

Should you want more control over files based on types and other specifics, you may also want to check out Hazel.

You can currently download Desktoday on the Mac App Store.

Article Via AddictiveTip

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