Delibar puts delicious into your menubar

If you’re a user and you’re actually tired of having to navigate to the website to get your bookmarks, you might want to check out delibar. It lets you both input new bookmarks as well as search for old bookmarks right from your menubar.

The application is pretty handy, and have a bunch of built in features that make going to the actual website in your browser a bit of a chore. Delibar lets you share a link on other social networks, search friends delicious enteries, and even save your searches so you can get a more streamlined approach to your delicious account.

You can tag, edit descriptions, and make certain links private. The delibar team have done a great job in making delicious accessible from the desktop without having to open up your browser. It’s made delicious useable again for me. I hated having to install toolbars, or enter stuff manually, so being able to add stuff in one spot is a huge time saver for me.

They’ve even created a couple of bookmarklets for your browsers so that you can get stuff right into delibar, and then they’ll directly add it to delicious. Universal bookmarks are once again made possible, and doing it from the desktop has made it less of a chore. It’s well worth the price of admission, which is free or $18, depending on your needs.

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