Coal or Gifts aside, Santa Steve was on stage today.

Steve is healthy, and still cracking some jokes on stage about his health. But, he did seem to be making a transition this time around. More time was given to other major “players” at Apple. Could it be an audition? Only time will tell, but I keep getting the gut feeling that the grooming of Mr. Ive is well underway.

Anyhow, on to the “gifts”

  1. New Macbooks, and Mac Book Pros
  2. New Cinema Display (24 inch only)

There you have it!

Ok, I’ll give you a little bit more.

The new Macbook comes in at 1299 USD and features a pretty kickass new feature. The four finger salute. The track pad button has been removed, and replacing it is an expose knowing, multifunctional glass track pad that also works like a button. The entire laptop line has been reworked to look more like the “imacs”, and this concept was pushed to the monitor line as well. The Macbook pros come with a sweet video card upgrade that allows users to initiate a “turbo” mode to get more out of their professional applications and games. This feature alone has me salivating a little bit.

The rumors were true, and the design of the new models are being constructed out of a solid piece of aluminum. They’re telling us it will make the machines more rugged, and less likely to break down. Both noble endeavors if you ask me.

Finally, the monitor got the long awaited webcam that everyone and there brother has been calling for over the last three years. You can also charge your laptop via the monitor now with its built in magsafe adapter port.

This pretty much sums up the event. What was your favourite moment? Are you going to upgrade because of these changes? Sound off in the Comments.

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