CES 2015 In Pictures: Gadget Makers Want To Make Your Life Smarter

Another CES has come and gone, and you’ve likely had your fill of news on 4K TVs, 3D printing, and self-driving cars. But the exhibit halls were also filled with another, less hyped category of product: the smart accessory. These gadgets aim to enhance your smartphone—they monitor your exercise patterns, track your pet, and even roast and brew coffee.

I covered a fair amount of these devices at the show, but I only scratched the surface, really. If you’re interested in checking out these devices and having a look at all that goes on at the world’s largest tech event, you’re in the right place: Here’s CES 2015 in pictures.


Fitbit at CES 2015
Fitbit showed off its latest wares.
Plastc hopes to put all of your credit and debit cards into one convenient card.
Bonaverde’s new coffee machine roasts, grinds, and brews coffee all in one take, giving you a fresh farm-to-cup pot of coffee every morning.
The Mac-controlled Picobrew aims to make brewing craft beer easy and accessible.


Perfect Bake
The Perfect Bake scale and app gives recipes and baking instructions for all types of baked goods.
Epson’s Google Glass competitor, the Moverio BT-200, doesn’t rely on a smartphone and it has screens in both eyes, giving users a 3D-like graphics experience.
iHome’s Split speakers can function as one speaker or as two separate wireless stereo speakers, making it function well as an on-the-go speaker or as a desktop speaker system.
iHome Flask
iHome put out a line of flask-shaped speakers at CES, which come in a variety of designs and colors.
Home Automation
Home automation was a big topic at CES, especially in the Sands Expo hall.



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