CES 2015: Connected Cycle Keeps Your Bike In Check

Although bicycles are a great way to get around, commuters in large cities are always faced with one common problem: bicycle theft. A determined thief could cut through virtually any lock on the market can be cut with enough time and the right tools, so you have to be prepared to recover your bike—or worse, replace it—if it ever gets stolen. Enter Connected Cycle.


Connected Cycle is a pair of bike pedals that have built-in GPS and GPRS (cellular data) chips. Install the pedals as you would any other bike pedals, and then pair them to the Connected Cycle iPhone app. Once set up, the pedals can track your bike, both when on the move and when locked. As you ride, the pedals will track you and provide information on your speed and calories burned, as well as keep tabs on your route and elevation. The pedals will also charge on your rides, so you never have to plug them in.

When you lock your bike, Connected Cycle works to protect it from theft. If the pedals sense movement when you’re away, it’ll immediately send a notification to your phone. If your bike is ever stolen, you’ll be able to track it in real-time using the smartphone app, which should aid in recovery. It’s a little like Find My iPhone, except for bicycles.

Since the Connected Cycle is aimed at commuters, it’s only available as a flat platform pedal. It’d be nice to see the technology built into SPD and other clipless pedals in the future, allowing more serious cyclists get in on the fun.

 Connected Cycle will be available soon.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.