Bloons! Now for your iPhone

Bloons is a game by Ninja Kiwi that I discovered online…quite a long time ago. I also wasted quite a few hours on this game, so when I saw it in the app store I wasn’t less than enthusiastic. Super fun game.

In the game, you are a monkey with darts (you can play with a certain amount of darts each level like par on a golf course, or with unlimited…but give yourself a challenge!) and you need to pop a certain amount of balloons. The higher the level, the more obstacles there are – whether it’s wood, rubber, or metal blocks to somehow get through to bust these balloons. There are bonus balloons that will give you an extra dart, set off a bomb of thumbtacks, shoot three darts at a time, shoot lasers, etc.

The graphics are fun, the music is happy, and the game is addicting. At only 99 cents, you seriously need to grab this for your iPhone. Definitely one of my fave apps. How long will it take you to clear all the levels?

Jen Butson is the Marketing Director at Select Start Studios in Ottawa, Canada. We're a design and engineering team where creating beautiful mobile products is more than just our day job.