Automatically generate tour dates with itunes and iConcertCal.

    I’m a music buff. Ninty-eight percent of my time is spent listening to music–Writing code, designing websites, writing essays, working on macgasm, taking walks, hanging out at Starbucks–my life revolves around it. Unfortunately, I’m not 16 anymore. I’m a decade older and it has become increasingly difficult to keep on top of shows going on that I’d like to attend. Is this not something that modern day computers could take care of? Should I really have to stomach the god-awful myspace to get tour dates? Hell no! Both for my sanity and likely yours, iConcertCal has been created to address this primary concern. Can you hear the angels singing, the heavens parting? Probably not. Rock music is the tool of the devil, so what you’re hearing is the yelling of demons, the discourses of hell, the riffs of demigods. I’ll take it. Insert your best Steven Tyler scream here.

    This iTunes plugin monitors your massive library and fills in a calendar with tour dates in the city of your choice. If you live in Ocala, you’re screwed, but you could always put in the closest “real” city to get decent results.

    Finally I have a tool that has completely eliminated the last remaining reason I check Myspace–tour dates. Go give it a download. It’s both Mac and Windows compliant should you be stuck using that other OS. Yuck!

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