Apple TV to be an actual television?

There’s been a lot of speculation lately about whether Apple TV might get phased out and replaced by the new Mac Minis or get taken to another level with iOS. The latest rumour is that the Apple TV will be redesigned to be an actual television.

The rumour is subtle, based on delicate phrasing in a New York Times article, stating that “Apple might base a new television design on its iOS operating system, which is on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.” While this might just be nothing more than a misstatement on the part of the New York Times, a patent Apple filed back in March might suggest otherwise. This patent shows an Apple TV remote working directly with a television, as opposed to a device connected to a television.

It would certainly not be surprising that Apple would be upping the ante in response to Google’s recent announcement of a “Google TV.” However, given how expensive televisions already are, how much would you really be willing to spend to get some added Apple functionality? This may be one device that would be way too cost prohibitive to ever really catch on.

Article Via Gizmodo

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