Apple Store employees celebrate 10 years by attempting to unionize

It has been quite a successful 10 years in retail for Apple. The decade that hasn’t seen too much controversy and is the envy of most other computer retail initiatives.

It would appear, however, that behind the scenes, the kettle has been boiling. A group of Apple Store employees is attempting to unionize to fight back against what they are calling “unfair treatment and compensation.”

The group claims that numerous issues have become commonplace among the workforce that have lead to an unsavory work environment.

You would think that among the complaints listed, the biggest potential PR nightmare for Apple would have to be questions about the selection and hiring process. Though, due to the shockingly lackluster presence this group has, it’s unlikely that they will be gaining much traction any time soon. The group’s Twitter page currently has only 40 followers despite being active since January.

While unions can unite workers that are being taken advantage of, I can’t help but feel that this is simply a retaliation attempt from a disgruntled worker and his friends.

Article Via: Mac|Life
Photo Credit: ICanHasCheesburger

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