Apple stock breaks on through to the other side, hits $400.00 (APPL)

Apple’s stock has climbed past $400.00 per share today for the first time ever. The daily low was at $389.62. The stock then climbed and fell again and now sits at $399.11, an increase today of over 1.48 percent.

Nothing has really happened to get the stocks climbing today, outside of your typical rumors and news from the company. Last week Apple announced stellar results during their earnings call, but at this point, unless everyone’s been asleep at the wheel, it’s unlikely that the quarterly results have anything to do with today’s action.

Can you imagine how rich we’d all be if we bought Apple stock back in 2006 before stocks broke $100.00 per share? Man, talk about missing the boat, or not drinking the Kool-Aid enough.

Via: Business Insider

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