Apple to integrate Facebook contact sync in next iPhone OS

Image via CrunchBase

Business Insider is reporting that a trusted source has confirmed that Apple will be integrating Facebook contact sync into the next iPhone OS. This will be announced at WWDC this June. The current iPhone Facebook app imports contact information from Facebook into the address book for those contacts that are already in the address book. The rumoured iPhone-facebook integration will instead import contact information for everyone you have on Facebook, regardless of whether or not they are already in your address book. However, this could lead to quite the mess for your address book. Many people have started using Facebook as just another Myspace by adding and approving anyone they see.

We could also see more sharing features pop up if this is, in fact, true. Where currently, when you want to share a photo, you don’t have many options, you could soon see a “Share to Facebook” option on that screen

HTC has been doing Facebook contact sync with their Sense UI and it may actually be present on all Android phones. This could be interesting for the recent countersuit by HTC against Apple over all the patent claims.

More Information: Business Insider

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