Apple Confirms WWDC Keynote For June 10, Big Announcements Incoming

Apple confirmed today that it will be holding its WWDC keynote presentation on June 10, the opening day of the five day conference.

The news comes as no surprise since Apple always chooses to kick-off the conference with its keynote. Other news about the keynote such as who will be speaking and what exactly will be unveiled are still unknown. We do, however, know for sure that Apple will show off its next version of OS X and iOS at the presentation. Newly updated Macbook Airs with Intel’s Haswell processors also seem like a fair bet. Expect Tim Cook to make an appearance at some point too.

With Apple having not launched a product this spring, there are also rumors that it could choose to unveil a new product like the iWatch at the event. It’s unlikely though.

The event will take place Monday, June 10 at San Francisco’s Moscone Center. The exact time of day that the presentation will take place has yet to be announced.

Just over two more weeks until we FINALLY get to see some new stuff out of Apple.

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