Apple Awarded Misspelled URL

It looks like the fat fingerers among us are in for some good news., once home of many ads, has been ordered to be turned over to Apple, Inc.

Andrew Allemann, DNW:

Apple has won a dispute over the domain name as a World Intellectual Property Organization panel ordered the domain name transferred to the iPhone maker[…] Other domains it has filed cases against this year that resulted in the domain owners merely handing over the goods include,, and The company currently has cases pending against 13 domains.

While we don’t want corporations strong-arming legitimate URLs away from their owners, this is a clear case of domain squatting. There aren’t many people out there (without neck beards) that would argue that Apple isn’t in the right. Well, at least for this specific case. Typo domains are a problem, and too often lead to confusion, wasted time, and malware if you’re on an unpatched Windows machine.

Let’s just hope Apple uses its power justly. We don’t want to be writing about how they’re trying to obtain our domain.

Source: DNW
Image Source: Doug Woods

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