Apple announces Tech Talk Tour for iOS 5

Apple has announced a developer event spanning nine cities and almost three months: the iOS 5 Tech Talk World Tour. Happening in New York, Seattle, Austin, Berlin, London, Rome, Beijing, Seoul and Sao Paulo, the event is cited to be an “amazing opportunity to learn about iOS 5.”

Now, if you can recall the time iOS 4 debuted near the end of 2009, Apple held a similar event, showing off the capabilities and new toys in iOS 4, and demonstrating to developers the best practices to use these new technologies in their applications. They didn’t announce anything amazing during that tour. Naturally, I don’t think we can expect any product launches of interest at this event, though I’m certain they’ll take the opportunity to show off their new toy, iCloud. Two of the talks on the schedule specifically mention iCloud, and there are others on Newsstand integration, AirPlay, Location Services, OpenGL, and even Turn-Based games with Game Center.

Sadly, Apple strictly forbids any form of “live blogging” from these talks so you’ll have to wait until after I get back before you hear about anything amazing they announce. That is, of course, if I go. “Space is limited” and Apple is giving priority to developers with apps already in the App Store, and sadly enough, I don’t have one of those just yet. If I don’t by the time Seattle rolls around in January, though, I’ll probably die.

If you’re a registered iOS developer, you can check out more details and drop your registration in the bucket for free here.

Article and Image: Apple Developer Portal 

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