Apple airs a new TV commercial: It’s Musical

    As far as commercials go, the new series from Apple is pretty genius. Why would Apple talk about the device you’re using when they can show off thousands of visually stunning applications that have been created by developers?

    If there was ever a defining moment coming from Apple that tells us what they think their strength is in the mobile market, this is it—it’s the apps, and competitors better take notice.

    While Apple’s showing the world the fun, innovative, and musical apps that are available on the App Store, the rest of the industry seems to be showing off fancy robots playing with phones. What do you think is going to sell more products? Droids, or Apps?

    This commercial, released on the 7th of September, illustrates my point nicely. I know, we’re a little bit late with this one, but we’re still trying to get our legs back under us after the long weekend.

    A funny aside: Apple doesn’t show of an actual Facebook app in this video, instead opting for the website itself.

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