Almost 50% Of Consumers Interested In Apple Television, Willing To Pay Premium Pricing

A new survey conducted by AlphaWise and Morgan Stanley has proven that there is a market out there for Apple’s fabled TV product. The survey polled 1,568 heads of U.S. households and found that 11 percent were “extremely interested” in purchasing an Apple branded TV, while 36 percent listed themselves as “somewhat interested’.

If the 47 percent of consumers interested in the product purchased it, this would give Apple 43 million TV units sold. Not only that, but some people even said they would be willing to buy multiple Apple televisions for their home. While the average American home has 2.8 TVs in it, 14 percent of those surveyed said they’d consider replacing all their TVs with the Apple product, while 9 percent said they would replace “most”.

People are also showing a willingness to pay a premium for the rumored Apple product. forty-six percent of people polled said they’re willing to pay over $1,000 for the device, while 10 percent said they’re willing to pay over $2,000. The poll shows that the average price people are willing to pay for the device is $1,060. This is $200 higher than the $884 paid for the average TV set, which marks an increase of 20 percent.

People listed their main interests for an Apple television; top of the list requests include a high screen quality and an easy to use interface.

There is much contention on whether Apple is in fact working on a television or whether it is simply another type of box product that connects to your existing TV. No matter what it ends up being though, it’s clear that people are going to buy it.

Image Credit: iDownloadBlog

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