Adobe Edge preview could mean even Adobe is ditching Flash for HTML 5

Adobe has just launched a preview version of ‘Adobe Edge’ which allows web developers to create animations using HTML5 and CSS as opposed to Flash. With its long time hatred of Adobe’s Flash product, Apple began steering the world into a Flash-less frame of mind, one where HTML5 rules over animated content.

Adobe hopes that launching Edge in an early preview form will allow developers to tailor the final product to be much more user friendly.

We can assume they are taking a cue from the FCPX backlash that Apple has been receiving and wants to be sure their final product is exactly what its audience wants, uses, and asks for.

With the lack of Flash on iOS devices, Adobe Edge is likely to be a welcome addition to Adobe’s collection of software.

Users of Adobe Flash will likely be comfortable using Edge’s new interface which features similar features including a layered time line and a WYSIWYG workspace.

It’ll be interesting to see if Adobe is testing the waters on world wide acceptance of a Flash replacement, or if they are simply offering a solution in a space in which they weren’t actively competing.

The majority of Apple’s discontent for Flash stems from the lack of security built into the platform, which has been subject to numerous exploits.

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