AAPL Explodes Past Old Record

Apple stock (AAPL) has continued to climb up past its previous records. Today, AAPL is up over $614.21 per share (as of this writing), a new record high for the company.

While today’s record is quite the milestone, many have estimated that the stock will continue to increase over the couse of the year. Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty has estimated that the company stock could reach approximately $720.00, but that under a “bull case” the stock could explode to approximately $960.00 per share.

Katy Huberty’s reasoning for the huge stock price explosion: first, enterprise tablet adoption and increased demand from a lower-priced iPad will be a huge factor in 2012; second, the next iPhone (aka iPhone 5) could see higher sales than previous generations due to huge upgrades in the phone; finally, markets like China and Brazil remain mostly untapped by Apple.


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