85% Of Social Gamers Stop Playing After First Day, Study Finds

Social gaming is often hit or miss, with a game being a huge success one day and totally forgotten the next (take Draw Something, for example). Playnomics, an audience management firm, did a study and found some interesting information on social game engagement levels. For example, the study found that social games often fail because 85 percent of social gamers don’t return after their first day playing.

The data collected by the study includes information from millions of U.S. social game players on the Playnomics game network during the third quarter of 2012 (July 10 – September 30). By the end of this quarter, Playnomics found that almost 95 percent of all U.S. players included in the study were inactive by the end of quarter.

Playnomics also found that social gamers play the longest on Mondays but are more likely to play on Saturdays. When looking at male versus female, the study found that U.S. females stop playing at slightly higher rates than men but tend to play more days then men before doing so. According to Playnomics, women play an average of 4.5 days before quitting while men play an average of 4 days.

The study found that in the U.S. players in Oregon were the most engaged, while those in the Southeast were less engaged than average. Worldwide, the Middle East and North Africa regions were the most engaged, overtaking Latin America.

Obviously, social games need to find ways to keep players engaged beyond the first day to keep the momentum of their game going.

Image Credit: Judith Leist

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