VP interviews Darkest of Days developer

Virtual Programming, devoted publisher of Mac games, takes a little time out on their website to interview Shiny Development, the people behind Darkest of Days. The game drops the player in various points throughout history to fight both historic and futuristic battles, the outcome of one impacting the next. With VP having brought the game to the Mac, they certainly have an interest in what Shiny has to say, and the interview nicely covers what the game has to offer as well as a whole lot of the thinking that went into it. Here are a few words from Shiny’s Mark Doeden:

“With time travel on the table, our dreams for what the project was going to be easily ran wild,” Doeden says. “We had one rule from the very start: no World War II. The market was so saturated with World War II games at the time, we knew we didn’t want to touch what was already well done, and done all too often. With the format already decided on, a first-person shooter, we knew we had to keep our focus on events that would easily cater to the classic appeal of combat with firearms.”

The quality of Virtual Programming’s games has slowly been getting better over the years, and Darkest of Days is a pretty innovative and interesting title. Along with Aspyr Media, VP has also been advocating native OS X ports of games for the Mac rather than using wrappers (such as Cider by Transgaming) in order to facilitate greater stability, performance and features. Just last year they re-released X3: Reunion as a fully OS X native app and offered it as a free update for those who already had the game, which was pretty cool.

Source: Virtual Programming

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