Flying Meat Software Releases VoodooPad 5.1

Here at Macgasm, we’re huge fans of Flying Meat’s wiki application called VoodooPad. Today, we’ve seen the first major feature release since VoodooPad 5.0 launched in April of this year. VoodooPad 5.1 not only includes a number of bug fixes, minor tweaks, and sandboxing for the Mac App Store version, but it also has some swanky new tools for us to use.

The biggest update is the inclusion of static publishing with Markdown support. Now VoodooPad is no longer just a powerful wiki, but it also allows you to build efficient static blogs that will hold up under immense traffic. This feature alone is worth the price of admission.

Version 5.0 introduced Dropbox syncing, and that has been a godsend for those of us using VoodooPad on our desktop and iOS devices. With 5.1, VoodooPad now has the ability to perform a two-way sync between the mobile and desktop clients over Wi-Fi without the need for the Dropbox middleman. This is useful for the Dropbox-phobic among us.

One other neat feature worth noting is that 5.1 allows you to choose a cover image for your document when you’re exporting to ePub. Not only is VoodooPad a powerful wiki and blogging tool, but it is also a snazzy way of making eBooks compatible with iBooks and Kindle.

If you’re new to VoodooPad, you can buy it for only $40 USD. If you’ve purchased version 4.0 or earlier, you can upgrade for only $25 USD on the Flying Meat store. Owners of version 5 get this update for free. If you’re interested in knowing everything that has changed, you can see the full release notes right here.

Source: Gus Mueller

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