Tweetbot For Mac Receives 1.0.1 Update, Adds Reading List Support

Tweetbot for Mac Updated

Even though Twitter may be trying to kill off third-party clients altogether, the folks at Tapbots have been continuing to iterate its popular Mac app, Tweetbot. Today the company released version 1.0.1 of the application, which brings a couple much requested features like integration with Apple’s Read List in Safari. If you plan to use Reading List, make sure you’re running OS X 10.8.

Tapbots has also added j/k controls to Tweetbot for Mac. If you’re unaware, j/k controls were developed by Bill Joy and allow users to scroll up and down their Twitter timeline, using the J button to advance forward, and the K button to scroll down your list of tweets. If you’ve ever used j/k controls before, you probably know how convenient they are.

Also included in the update:

  • added support for Reading list as a Read Later service (10.8+ only)
  • added j/k navigation support in timeline
  • added ability to disable Streaming in Preferences
  • improved keyboard support in people searcher
  • fixed an issue where timeline would scroll down to tweets that were already read
  • fixed streaming on accounts with > 1500 followers
  • fixed various other reported issues

Image Credit: Tapbots

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