Spotify adds Applescript support

I live in the UK. This frequently means that I do not get access to cool stuff like the Google Music Beta or Amazon Cloud Player. But the music service we do get is arguably the best — Spotify. And it just keeps on getting better…

Spotify is an ever-growing company. The latest update of the Mac client has seen the inclusion of Applescript support. On the face of it this doesn’t seem overly exciting to the average user, but it will allow for other apps like Airfoil and Take Five to take control of playback — and it looks like some dev teams are wasting no time. Spotify  has also recently revamped its clients and service allowing for better syncing to all iDevices, and a long-awaited iPad app is in the works.

If and when Apple launches a cloud music service, I may still find it hard to switch from Spotify. It has the perfect mix of of clients — mobile and desktop — with practically all the music I could ever ask for, at the very good price of £10 for a premium account.

Article Via MacStories

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