Rumor: White MacBook to be discontinued?

The MacBook has had an interesting life. Introduced in 2006, the white (and black) 13-inch notebook brought Intel chips and a new case design, launching a new family following up the widely succesful iBook G4 line. Despite issues with heat sinks, firmware, top cases and hard drives, the MacBook family has been a smash hit.

According to a new rumor over at Apple Insider, the thrill ride may be coming to an end, as Apple may be thinking about discontinuing the MacBook.

In recent years, the MacBook has undergone a bit of an identity crisis. In 2008, Apple revamped the machine, wrapping it in an aluminum unibody with a glass display. This model was very short lived, however, as the next year Apple launched a FireWire-equipped MacBook, dubbing it the 13-inch MacBook Pro.

At the same time, the current Polycarbonate  unibody model was launched. The model lacks FireWire and other amenities found on the Pro line. At $999, the price seems a bit steep in a world where a the MacBook Pro can be had for just $200 more. Apple touts the MacBook as the “$999 notebook,” but I don’t think that’s powerful enough for most consumers to consider the MacBook.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the machine goes away, or goes education-only, like the eMac G4 did back in the day. If the MacBook lives on, I would hope to see a price reduction so that the machine can stand out a little more in Apple’s notebook lineup.

Article Via Apple Insider

Photo Credit: Apple

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