Refurbished Current-Gen iMacs Available On The Apple Store

Getting your hands on Apple’s super-slim iMac seems to be quite a challenge lately. With delivery times lingering around 2-3 weeks, the wait can be tough to bear especially if you’re in dire need of a new Mac. However, Apple’s Refurbished Store has just stocked two 21.5-inch new iMacs at a discounted price and a shipping time of only 1-3 days.

Apple is offering a $200 and $230 discount on both the 2.7GHz and 2.9GHz quad-core models of the 21.5-inch iMac. Both systems feature a 1TB hard-drive, 8GB of memory and a FaceTime HD camera. The 2.9GHz model features an NVIDIA 650m graphics card while the lower end model runs off of a 640m card. Apple also has refurbished last-gen iMacs in stock which start at $979.

Apple’s Refurbished Store still doesn’t have any 27-inch iMacs in stock, though Amazon has the low-end 27-inch super-slim iMac in stock and ready for shipment immediately for a wallet-busting $1799. If you’d prefer a new iMac, Amazon is also stocking 21.5-inch models for $1299 and $1494.

Apple’s new iMac has been having supply issues since launch. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, has talked about these issues numerous times in the past two earnings calls. Most recently, Cook said that Apple is working on raising production of the computer over the current quarter, but it’s unlikely that Apple will be able to catch up to demand because it’s so high.

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