Mozilla Releases Firefox 17, Finally Drops Support For OS X 10.5

Mozilla has just released version 17 of its popular Firefox browser. This update is cross-platform and brings many improvements to the browser including support for Facebook Messenger, as well as an update to its “Awesome Bar”, which uses larger and more clear icons. Version 17 also brings a slew of bug fixes as well as a revision to its social API. There have also been many improvements made for developers as well, including a new Markup Panel within Page Inspector. You can view the full list of changes on Mozilla’s website.

Mozilla has also mentioned that Firefox 17 will drop support for Intel Macs running OS X 10.5 Leopard. Even though PowerPC Macs got the boot with the release of Firefox 4, Mozilla told users in October of 2012 that FireFox 17 would be the end of the line for those running the aging OS on Intel machines. Dropping OS X 10.5 support will allow Mozilla to allocate its resources to improving other parts of Firefox.

You can download Firefox 17 directly from Mozilla’s website.

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