Mountain Lion Takes A Majority Of Mac Web Traffic

Mountain Lion has finally taken a majority of Mac web traffic by owning 32 percent of it. This statistic comes courtesy of Net Applications, a firm that charts web metrics using OS share and other fun stuff. Mountain Lion was first released in July 2012, but has only caught up and surpassed OS X Lion in the past month. Net Applications reports that during the month of November, Mountain Lion and Lion were neck and neck with 29 percent and 30 percent of Mac web share respectively. It took Mountain Lion roughly half of the time it took Lion to become the dominant OS X build after only five months.

Unfourtantly for Apple, OS X Snow Leopard still holds roughly 29 percent of Mac web traffic. This is likely because Snow Leopard was the latest build of OS X from late-August 2009 to mid-July 2011. Apple has recently been moving OS X to yearly release cycles, so it’s unlikely that we’ll see Lion or Mountain Lion hold such a high marketshare for the same period of time as Snow Leopard.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.