Mount Your MacBook In Style With The ‘AluRack’ Stand

One issue I have when using my MacBook Air with an external display is finding a place to put my Mac. While I previously stored it in a drawer, I had heat issues, so I turned to a stand to keep my Mac elevated to allow for airflow while keeping my desk clutter free.┬áSure, I could keep it open and have it display my social networking clients, but then I wouldn’t get anything done. Instead, I’ve resorted to using a Griffin Elevate stand. I would totally have gone with Just Mobile’s latest stand: AluRack.

The AluRack stand is pretty cool though it is only compatible with Apple’s Thunderbolt and Cinema Displays. AluRack mounts to the back of the display and acts as a shelf for your MacBook. This keeps your workspace looking clean and gives you more space to type, click and write on your desk. The AluRack also looks pretty cool and is sure to impress anyone walking past the backside of your desk. The AluRack is made out of the same aluminium material as the Thunderbolt Display, so you can be sure that your monitor will look as classy as before.

If you’re interested in purchasing an AluRack for your MacBook, head on over to Just Mobile’s website.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.