Messages For OS X Lion Self-Destructs On December 14th Because Mountain Lion Exists, And You Should Buy It!

Messages for Mac was launched into beta earlier this year after Apple released plans of OS X Mountain Lion. The beta was available for download until OS X Mountain Lion was released to the public this past July. OS X Lion users can still choose to use Messages for Mac beta; however, Apple has just announced today via email that the beta will end on December 14th.

If users would like to continue to iMessage from their Mac, they will have to update to OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion via the Mac App Store. Mountain Lion is available for only $14.99, so we don’t see why you wouldn’t want to update.

Also, DAFUQ is going on here? An app that works perfectly fine under Lion can’t be used on Lion because Mountain Lion exists? Is it April 1st? Did Ashton Kutcher stop playing a Silicon Valley fortune maker, and Steve Jobs, to resurrect Punk’d? Is this really happening? Seriously? Apple, Seriously?


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