MacUpdate releases a new bundle that includes Parallels, 1Password, and more

Have a penchant for bundled software packages? There’s a host of them around the internet: MacHeist, AppSumo, as well as MacUpdate. For the most part, I tend to buy about one bundle a year, and right now I’m leaning towards buying the MacUpdate Promo Bundle.

The MacUpdate bundle just went live, and it includes Parallels Desktop 6, Divvy, 1Password, TechTool Pro 5, and Civilization IV, as well as some other applications that might be handy in your arsenal.

On the whole, the bundle is worth about $381, but it’s being sold for $49.99 for the next 14 days.

Normally we don’t write about these things, but I’m sure a lot of you would benefit from Parallels, Divvy, and 1Password at the very least. Buying one of those apps separately would set you back almost as much as the entire bundle.

Go check it out.

For the record, we highly recommend Parallels and 1Password. They’re top notch applications that you’ll likely find useful on a day to day basis.

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