MacPaw Announces Hider 2 At Macworld 2014

MacPaw, an independent Mac software company out of Ukraine, has announced Hider 2 at Macworld/iWorld 2014. This application is an update to the first edition of Hider, a popular application that lets users hide files from Finder and other public spaces on the Mac. Files are organized in “groups” and can be quickly hidden and unhidden via the app’s user-interface.


Hider 2 has brought the ability to encrypt files to the application. Now, when you drop a file into Hider’s interface, your file will not only be hidden but encrypted with AES-256 encryption to ensure your private files stay private.  On top of this, your file’s name is encrypted, so even if your file is found in your Mac’s filesystem, your filename and file cannot be read without being unhidden in Hider 2.

If you need a secure place to keep notes, Hider 2 also has an encrypted note-taking feature now called Secure Notes. Secure Notes is good for keeping track of credit card numbers, bank account information, and other confidential text.

Unlike previous versions of Hider, Hider 2 allows users to quickly hide and unhide files via both a menu bar shortcut and through global shortcuts. If a user needs to quickly hide all files in Hider 2, they can click Ctrl-Cmd-H to do so. Additionally, since Hider 2 is now password protected, there is a shortcut that allows users to quickly lock the app (Ctrl-Cmd-L).

Other small additions includes support for Mavericks Tags, external drive support and a cleaner design with Retina Display compatibility.

Hider 2 will be available for purchase on April 2nd for $19.99.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.