Ladies and gentlemen, we present a macgasmic Mac SuperBundle

Ladies and gentlemen, we have something very special in store for you today, so grab a beverage and sit down, because otherwise you might just miss the deal of the still very young year.

Do you sometimes feel the need to run a piece of Windows software, or do you simply want to play a game on your Mac that’s only available for Windows? Are you afraid to drown in all those inspiring LOLcat pictures you found on the Internet because there’s no good way to sort them? Is opening app after app just to look up some vital stats of your beloved Mac getting on your nerves? Do you feel that hand coding a website for those great stop motion videos you’re planning is just too cumbersome? Well, we have the ultimate solution for you! We here at Macgasm have put together a bundle of epic proportions for you, our readers.

You’ve seen bundles before? They weren’t majestic, but “meh!-jestic”? Well then prepare to be surprised.

We have not 1, not 2, not 3, 4 or 5, … but 10 — yes you read that right — 10 great apps in our Mac SuperBundle to help you make the most of your Mac.

First off there’s Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac, the foremost solution for run Windows on your Mac without having to leave the comfort of your favourite operating system. This great piece of software usually goes for $80.

Then there’s LittleSnapper by the brilliant developers over at Realmac Software. This great app, which would normally cost you $40, was built to help designers and other creative-minded Mac users build up a design scrapbook. Every kind of picture you throw at it, you can manage, annotate, and manipulate. All in one place, keeping your downloads folder clean and tidy.

iStat Menus 3 by the nice guys from Bjango give you all the information about your Mac you might need, right there in your menu bar. Never again will you miss interesting events in your Mac’s daily life. This little gem would otherwise set you back $16.

Not a coding monkey? Then grab Flux and build the website you deserve, not the one your cousin would design for you. WYSIWYG your way to a great HTML5 website and publish it on the spot. Flux typically costs $120, but not with us!

We talked about stop motion and video editing, remember? iStopmotion Home 2 ($50) the easy-to-use yet surprisingly powerful software lets you experience the magic and creativity of stop motion. Once you’re done, spice-up the video with Wondershare’s Fantashow ($46) by adding digital slideshows to make your movie look Hollywood-grade professional! What’s left to do? Convert the video into commonly used formats, so your viewers and fans can watch them on any device they want, Video Converter 2 ($46) will let you do that, saving you time and money.

Keeping track? That’s already over $400 worth of software! But we’re not done yet.

We also have SyncMate Expert 3, a phenomenal app that lets you sync data between your Mac and almost any PC and smartphone, so you have the data you need, when you need it, wherever you need it. $40 is already a good deal for this app, but we’ll make it even better.

CuteClips 3 you will love if you find that OS X’s clipboard is too limited. This multiple clipboard management software stays out of your way until you need it and records clipboard changes in the background. $15 is already dirt-cheap, but we’ll give to you for even less.

And last but not least, here’s the answer to the annoyance that is keeping up with bills, bills, bills! Chronicle 4 by LittleFin software is the easy-to-use personal finance solution for your Mac. Late fees will be a thing of the distant past with this beautiful software, because not only can you track every penny you earn and spend, it will also add iCal reminders so you never miss a due date again.

How much, you ask. Well, normally you’d pay $471 for all of these apps. But that won’t do, that won’t do at all. Hold on to your chair, because we’re giving this to you for $49!

Once you’ve closed your mouth, read this again: $49 will buy you all of these great applications, saving you $422 of your hard earned cash.

Now, stop reading, head over to the deal’s page and grab it before it’s gone.

Besides his current full-time job as a student of Sinology and Marketing at the University of Trier, Germany, Alex likes to read about technology and the businesses behind it. He also has a personal blog.