Gun Game to be officially added to Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Thanks Valve. We’d just finished summarising what to expect from Counter Strike: Global Offensive and you go and reveal Arsenal mode. Positioned as Valve’s version of popular CS: Source mode, Gun Game, it’ll be a fully fledge mode included in Global Offensive.

For the uninitiated, Gun Game removes all the Counter Strike fluff. Out go the tactics, cash and the teamwork and in its place is round-based deathmatch. The twist is the level-up system where every player begins on the Glock (Counter Strike’s worst pistol). If you kill someone, you move up to the next weapon in line. The aim is to get to the final weapon (the knife), stab someone and win.

Reverse servers exist, which start you on the hardest weapons (the AWP, autosniper, etc.) before working backwards to the pistols.

Arsenal is split into two sub modes — Arms Race and Demolition — with eight unique new maps accompanying the new take on Counter Strike.

It’s great that Valve’s supporting the community by bringing in the modding team that invented Gun Game to ensure it’s done right. It echoes the original Counter Strike which begun as a mod for Half Life.

As a big fan of Gun Game, it’s great that a stable, official version will be included. Zombie Mod next please.

Via: InsideMacGames
Photo Credit: CriticalBench

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