Evernote For Mac Now Includes Activity Stream, Retina Support

If you’re an avid Evernote user, you’ll definitely like this news. Evernote has just announced via their company blog that a new update for Evernote for Mac has been released. Evernote 3.2 is now available for download via Evernote’s website and will be available soon via the Mac App Store once it has been approved. This update brings many new features such as ‘Activity Stream’ and Retina display support for the MacBook Pro with Retina display.

Activity Stream is great if you often work with others on projects in Evernote. This is because it allows you to view what others are working on by showing real time updates as to who has joined your projects and what note they’re working on. You will also receive updates when you sync your personal notes.

Like I’ve stated before, Evernote has also brought Retina display support to every button, texture and image within the Evernote Mac app. This is a great update for all users of the Retina display MacBook Pro as it’s one less app that your new MacBook needs to scale.

Other than those two changes, nothing too major has been added to the Evernote Mac app. However, Evernote has said that this update brings fixes that address syncing issues and adds stability enhancements to the app.

Source: Evernote Blog

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