Apple To Create 200 Jobs In Initial Investment In US Mac Production

Apple is expected to create 200 new jobs in its initial $100 million investment in producing Macs in the United States. This report comes from Bloomberg, which cites Dan Luria, a labor economist at Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center.

Tim Cook announced Apple’s plans to bring Mac production back to the United States in a December 6th interview with Bloomberg Businessweek. Apple hasn’t produced Macs in the United States since the late 1990s when it started producing computers in Asia due to lower production cost. Apple will likely be working with Foxconn to produce Macs in the United States.

Apple isn’t the first company to bring computer production to the United States. Lenovo, a China-based company, has announced plans to produce a limited amount of computers in North Carolina where it expects to employ around 100 people. Earlier this year, Google also tried to produce its Nexus Q product in the United States, though the product was recently removed from the market due to poor initial reviews.

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