Apple Already Testing Mountain Lion 10.8.2 With Select Devs

It looks like before 10.8.1 even hits the App Store, Apple is asking developers to help test 10.8.2. “Select developers were notified via e-mail on Wednesday that they were invited to participate in the ‘next Mountain Lion Software Update seed project, 10.8.2,’ according to people familiar with the note. Developers who accept the invitation from AppleSeed will be among the first to test the update to Mountain Lion,” AppleInsider writes.

This signals two things: 10.8.1 is almost ready to ship, and Apple is working fast to get updates out the door. Quite a few people are having issues with the point-oh release of Mountain Lion, and that includes yours truly. SystemUIServer keeps hanging, and I’m really hoping that 10.8.1 fixes that issue. Other people are concerned with the battery life they’re getting under Mountain Lion, but rumor has it that this will be solved soon.

More importantly, let’s hope that this is more evidence that Apple is trying to patch things before they get out of control. We all know that the virus threat is always an issue, but the safeguards Lion and Mountain Lion have implemented will hopefully keep that to a minimum. It would be comforting to know that security, as well as stability, are at the top of Apple’s priority list.

For now, we just sit and wait for testing to complete. I’ll just keep Force Quitting SystemUIServer, and the poor MacBook owners will need an extension cord.

Source: AppleInsider
Image Credit: Mike Fisher

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