Samsung Threatening To Sue Apple When LTE iPhone Launches

After Apple screwed Samsung out of just over $1 billion dollars in court last week, Samsung is threatening to do the same to Apple. Samsung is reportedly gearing up to sue Apple if the next iPhone has LTE networking. Samsung has said that they apparently have the patents to do so and will be suing Apple immediately when the new iPhone is introduced.

Here’s the only problem with their threat: Samsung doesn’t own all the LTE patents. Samsung currently owns 12.2 percent of LTE patents and Nokia owns just over 18 percent while Qualcomm and Ericson both own roughly 12 percent each. And while it isn’t all about numbers, I think Samsung may have a hard time suing Apple for using such a widespread technology.

The Korea Times also notes that Samsung is partnering with other companies to fight against Apple. For instance, Samsung is reportedly working with Verizon Wireless to modify designs in their popular Galaxy line of phones to clear them from infringing on Apple’s patents. Samsung is also working with Microsoft to make more Windows Phones, but honestly, is that really a threat? I think not.

I can’t help but think that Samsung is acting like a kid who got caught for stealing something and is threatening the person who caught him. Seriously, Samsung, keep it classy and don’t release public statements threatening to sue someone if they release a product — just do it.

Source: Korea Times via Cult of Mac via Phone Arena

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