Woz and His Gadgets

I find it funny when Woz is being interviewed by the media they will generally make it sound like he is being negative towards Apple or one of its products.  They also tend to mis-represent his statements.  Woz being the cool guy that he is takes it in stride, and generally has to come back out and tell everyone what he really said.

This is evident in the Electronista article, “Woz admits to preferring Nexus One over iPhone”.  In the article it says that he prefers the Nexus One, but he also prefers the iPhone, and he carries both.  With only seeing the nine second video from the article, when asked what his favorite gadget is, Woz answers by saying it’s not an Apple product.  Now again I didn’t see the entire video, but he never said that he preferred the Nexus One over the iPhone.

Woz is a gadget guy.  He’s going to want the latest gadgets be it an Apple product or not.  It just bothers me when the media misinterprets what he says for shock value.  Or simply to make it look like he doesn’t like Apple or its products.  To those people I say shame on you.  Woz is a great guy, and maybe the media should read his book “iWoz: How I Invented the Personal Computer and Had Fun Along the Way”.  Then maybe they’ll have a better understanding of Woz, and how he loves technology, Apple or not.

Header Photo Credit: 1984 Alternative Version (The Woz rules the world)

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