With one day left, Double Fine Adventure might break $3 million on Kickstarter

Double Fine Adventure, the upcoming adventure game that will be available on both iOS and OS X, is only one day away from being completely funded on Kickstarter. The goal to make the game and documentary was $400,000, but the demand was massive. In just over a month, they have raised 700% of their original goal. As of publication, only thirty hours are left to pledge to the project, but it looks like they might very well break $3 million before it’s over.

Double Fine Adventure was only the second Kickstarter project to reach a million, and they did that in the first twenty-four hours. They went on to smash the record by quickly reaching $2 million. Now we’re less than $200,000 away from setting the high-water mark at an even $3 million.

If you haven’t already pledged, you can start out with only $15 USD for a full DRM-free desktop version of the game once development is completed. For $30, you get an HD copy of the making-of documentary as well as a digital soundtrack. Rewards of $60, $100, and $500 are still available to grab, and they are pretty outstanding. Become a part of history by helping make this the first $3 million Kickstarter project. Hell, you’ll get what is bound to be a great game as well. Tim Schafer’s track record is impeccable.

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