The New iPhone Could Be A Little Short On Supply

Digitimes is reporting that Apple may fall behind shipment demands by 25 percent when launched next month. Apple is apparently expecting to receive 15 million phones for the initial wave of devices to be shipped to customers. According to Digitimes, Apple normally receives roughly 20 million phones on launch. As of now, Digitimes is citing unnamed sources. This means that the rumor may be totally false, but we will just have to wait and see.

The supposed reason for the short supply of new iPhones is the new in-cell touch panels that the new iPhone may use as well as the smaller dock connector. Both of these parts are new to Apple products, forcing Apple’s manufacturers to quickly ramp up production. Foxconn reportedly has low stock on some of the key materials needed to make the new dock connector as well.

If this rumor is true, some potential iPhone buyers may end up having to wait until October to get their devices. Apple is supposed to receive a second wave of devices in early October. However, folks who preorder their phones right away should still be able to get their new iPhones on launch day.

So, is anyone up for a midnight preordering party?

Source: Digitimes via BGR
Image Credit: Robert Scoble

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