Wi-Fi Sync app turned away by Apple

Syncing over Wi-Fi must be coming in future versions of iPhone OS, because denying an app that gives users that type of functionality would be asinine for any other reason, right?

There was a little bit of fresh air from an unlikely source in this story. The Apple rep provided a candid response to the developer. “While he agreed that the app doesn’t technically break the rules, he said that it does encroach upon the boundaries of what they can and cannot allow on their store. He also cited security concerns.” While there’s no indication that this “duplicates” functionality coming to the phone, one has to wonder if Apple’s already working on something to solve this very problem.

I’m probably not the only person on the planet who thinks having to tether my phone to my computer with a USB cable to sync in today’s world is a little ass-backwards. If you’re wondering, Greg Hughes has decided to sell the app on the Cydia store for $9.99

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Article Via Engadget

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