White ‘unicorn’ iPhone 4 shows up in the UK, delivers on the 20th

The wait is over — the white iPhone 4 is now available in the UK for order, and it’ll be delivered by the 20th of April… by three.

They’ve been calling it the “Unicorn” iPhone 4 because it’s been so hard to find. What makes it special is that while it was on the 3 UK’s page for some time, it has not been available to select for purchase.

The White iPhone 4 has been a long time coming, with Apple fans anxiously checking Apple Store pages each time it was refreshed in the hope of seeing the coveted pre-order button. Various carriers have teased its arrival, but orders were never possible until now. Recent rumors suggested that the white model would finally see the light of day this month, and  Apple now confirmed it.

Now that the long and arduous road has come to an end. The white “Unicorn” iPhone 4 has been caught. It’s over — so long as the major UK carrier has actually begun shipping the device, and this isn’t a PR mishap.

We’ll keep you posted as more news trickles in hoping it’ll arrive on the 20th of April, before 3 PM.

Article Via The Next Web

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