Want A Free iPhone Screen Shield? Now’s Your Chance

Want to protect your iPhone from scratches without adding a ton of extra bulk and draining your wallet? ZooGue has you covered. ZooGue is hosting a pretty awesome promotion to launch their new line of screen protectors. What is this promotion, you may ask? Get this: ZooGue will send you a free set of screen shields as long as you cover shipping ($3.99 in the United States). The ZooGue screen shields are made out of high quality Japanese materials and protect the front and back of your iPhone 4/4S.

Want a set of screen shields for yourself? Here’s how to acquire your set. Head over to ZooGue’sproduct page and click add to cart”. When you’re ready to check out, look towards the upper righthand corner of the page and click “view cart”. When you’re looking at your cart, you’ll notice that your order total is $14.99. Don’t freak out. Go through the checkout process as normal until you hit the promotional code screen. When you do, type this code into the promo code box: FreeZooGueAccessory. Your balance will now only include your shipping charges.

Source: ZooGue
Image Credit: William Hook

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