T-Mobile goes full-on stupid in their HTC Amaze 4G and iPhone 4S comparison video

It started out looking like it would be a hilarious comparison video, but then it all goes painfully wrong. So painfully wrong, in fact, that we started wondering what the company was smoking, but then we realized something: how can T-Mobile do a comparison video of the iPhone 4S if they don’t even have the iPhone on their network?

That’s because it’s not a comparison video. It’s a buy more phones from us video.

The video takes aim at the cameras on the HTC Amaze 4G and iPhone 4S, but instead of actually taking aim at the handset’s camera, T-Mobile focuses in on the software that ships with the phones. Fine, but at no point do they mention that there are multiple applications for the iPhone 4S that do the exact same things that the software on the HTC Amaze 4G can do.

The only thing this video should be showing off is that some of this software comes built into the Amaze 4G, and the differences between the HTC Amaze 4G and the iPhone 4S begins and ends with a $10 iTunes gift card.

Camera+ does burst mode, and it costs $0.99. It takes five pictures per second. Smartshot, the super-awesome Amaze 4G technology, is actually just a camera stabilizer that only takes photos when you’re not shaking all over the place with your camera in hand. Yeah, Camera+ does that too. But, what about panorama mode? Well, the iPhone already does that natively but it requires a bit of a hack. If you’re not the hacking type, there are a ton of panorama camera application on the App Store, some free, some for pay.

Well done, T-Mobile, well done.

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