Tired Of Carrying A Stylus In Your Pocket? Why Not Carry One In Your Wallet?

I was that kid in college always borrowing pens from the kids next to me. It’s not that I didn’t know I needed one. It’s that I constantly misplaced them and forgot them every single time I took one out of my knapsack. I’m the exact same way with my stylus. I lose it in the office, at home, on the road, in the store, and most of all, I lose it when I need it the most. It seems like Quirky has figured out a way to stop people from losing their stylus — making them credit card size and able to fit in your wallet.

No seriously, we’re talking about a stylus in the shape of a credit card. The card isn’t available just yet. The capacitive-material based credit card will work with your iPhone or other touch based devices. It’s a genius idea, and I’ll certainly be keeping my eye on the project.

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